Blood Magic, also called Black Magic, is magic sourced from the Users blood. It has a wide variety of uses, some greater than others.



Like most magic, Blood magic is inherited through a line of animals with extranormal powers. It's power is found in the blood of a potential magician and by spilling some of this blood, they can make use of their talents. Powers that are long-lasting such as the ColdFyre can be used by multiple magicians, although the source and caster of the power will always have dominion over it. The fewer animals clouding the link between the power and the magician, the better control they have over the magic. For example, both Vireka and Uru are descended from Mōbōr with hundreds of generations of Lyons in between them, but Vireka's line isn't as clouded as Uru's is, thus the Fyre would obey him. However, Mōbōr, as the original caster, has dominion over all of them.


Blood Magic has been shown in:

  • Wind Manipulation
  • Flora Manipulation
  • Translocation
  • Transmogrification

Practitioners of Blood MagicEdit