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"Frozen", "Suffering From Cold" [Sanskrit]
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Himarta, known as Himarta the Healer among his people, is leader of the Marozi in the graphic novel, "Empires of Sand. He is also a very distant ancestor to Modak from "The Forges of Dawn".[1]

Physical Appearance[]

Like all Marozi, Himarta has a rosetted pelt, although whether this is from a genetic mutation causing them to keep the spotting of their infancy or from a long-ago crossbreeding with the 'Pards is unclear even to the Marozi themselves.

More specifically, he is silverish-grey tones, with vibrant blue eyes and a white mane. A few beads are braided into his mane, and darker grey stripes run underneath his eyes. The color of is muzzle does not reach his eyes and his nose is a greyish-red. Himarta's face is somewhat slender and slightly slender.


Though a bit skittish and fearful when younger, Himarta is an intelligent and honorable warrior, who shows bravery and mercy.


In The Land of the Marozi[]

Himarta was born runty, alongside two siblings who die shortly after entering the world, to the Ukombe Pride. His father dismisses him, leaving his mother to name and raise him, and only when the child opens his eyes -- his eyes icy and blue like his sire -- does Dukan take any interest in him.

Himarta grows up in the "ruling family" of the Black Mountains but finds himself questioning what makes them the rightful rulers and not the other two prides who are also vying for their home. He doesn't put much stock in the answers he's given, and as he grows, is taught to fight, kill, and learn the illusionistic ways of his homeland.

Whilst exploring a cavern, he gets separated from his group, running into some strange Lyon who can do equally strange magic. Briefly, he gets into it with a female named Zufan, but manages to flee when her brother steps in. Though it takes him many days, he finally escapes The Caverns however is unwelcomed by the males of the pride when he returns.

His father is particularly violent, accusing him of being some other lyon, a Demon wearing his son's face and skin perhaps. He muses on having Himarta killed, just to be sure, but Hiana convinces her mate to simply exile their son, and so exiled Himarta remains for years, learning to survive on his own. He learns to be stealthy and capable, and of the going ons between the Ujiti Pride and the Kigae Pride.

And of Kunyua.

Momentarily bewitched by her beauty and surety, he sticks around to hear that his people have been defeated and evicted from the land. The Ujiti hold the Black Mountains now, led by Kondo. Once they are gone, Himarta makes his steady way to the Mountains, looking to find what's left of his pride.

In Empires of Sand[]

He is the leader of united Marozi people.