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Vicious Circle
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Sarda (mother)
Kudisan (half-sister)
Milandu (betrothal)
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Jabari (mate)
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Hotio (son)

Kamaria is a white-blooded Lyonesse and the mother of Koto and Hotio. She is a former personal servant, likely to her father Oduor, of the Pale Ones. In that, she shared his high rank.


Kamaria is a pale Lyonesse with an orange tail tuft, red eyes, and a slightly angular face. She has been ritualistically scarred around the nose and eyes from her time with the pale ones. She used to have a ring and a tail filigree, but the former she gives to one of Koto's children, while the later goes to Oni, peices of her father whom she gives to her grandchildren.


Kamaria is a quiet Lyonesse, but she is willful and brave. Unlike her half-sister Kudisan, she patient and not a haughty, arrogant monster. It is worth noting she can bluff with the best of them, expertly imitating her sister in order to escape the clutches of the Pale Ones.


In EscapeEdit

Kamaria and Kudisan both eavesdrop on a conversation going on between the Judges in the Pale One stronghold, the latter telling her boredly that all they plan to do is marry the former off. Kamaria contradicts her, saying that this not boring as it has to do with her very life. She inquires about their father, but Kudisan doesn't tell her much or care to. As the lady, any final decisions are in her paws, even young as she is. The two begin to argue, until the high judge himself hears the clamor and walks out to reprimand the two. Kudisan angrily demands she be punished, but Oduor just as angrily demands she go in with the other judges. He then takes Kamaria to the side.

Kamaria begins to plead with her father, but the Judge silences her, knowing that his youngest daughter lies as easily as she breathes. He tells her the other judges known of their relation as father and daughter. Revealing it is he who revealed this, Oduor goes on to say that the old Lord is close to death, since Kudisan's mother already is, Kudisan herself will already be the throne soon. Oduor cannot protect her much longer.

Kamaria begins to angry and snarky, but Oduor simply sits on her (literally) and continues mapping out his plan. He wants to marry her off to an old friend of his, but it will just be marriage -- no mating to be had. It is a sound plan, one that sees Kamaria being relatively free when her much older mate dies, but things turn sour the next day when Kudisan instead decides to marry her sister to Husuda as per Okuthe's whisperings in her ears. Both Kamaria and Oduor panic. All of Husuda's wives have mysteriously died in accidents, and thus Oduor creates a new plan with the intention to escape.

Giving his daughter his ring and mask so she may get through the guards she bound to meet on her way, Oduor stays behind and buys her time while she gets away. She does succeed, at the cost of her father's freedom and sanity, and meets the rogue Jabari some days later.

In Vicious CircleEdit

Kamaria now has two adult sons and her mate is gone, dead at the jaws of Fuga's hounds. He sacrifices himself to that Pale One while the rest of his family gets away. Kamaria uses her magic to truly throw the lyon and his hounds off their trail.

In The Forges of DawnEdit

Kamaria has brought forth two sons, both of which currently lead their pride. Jabari has already passed on, killed by the Pale Ones and their Hounds, and the pride are some distance away from the Pale One stronghold. Despite having been gone for years, however, the Pale Ones have never given up searching for her and as Uhuru eases into adulthood, a trio of hounds led by the lyon Jesiza finally root Kamaria and the rest of her family out.

Although it is never directly addressed in-book, Asta reveals to her daughter that Kamaria has been executed by the Pale Ones.


Kamaria is able to do magic, of several kinds:

  • Confusion is Kamaria's primary magic and she can use it to cause other animals to lose her trail, drown them in it even. She can tangle their emotions with her own as well. It cannot be seen, only felt by the mind, and laid down all around wherever she wills it. According to Escape, her gift isn't particularly strong and can shrugged off easily if detected. Kamaria was taught by her father, Oduor, to use her magic.


  • Kamaria mockingly nicknamed Kudisan "Kudi", much to the Lady's ire.