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Mōbōr, also known as the Black Emperor of All That Was, was a Black Lyon, son of the first Lyon Jyotis and the Witch, Lang'at. He was the eldest brother to Tšatši and the father of Araawa, the first Red Queen. For a time, he went by Nirnasha.

Physical Appearance[]


Mōbōr is a pitch black lyon and his eyes are a shade of red. He is a very large Lyon specimen -- much taller and physically stronger than any other in the Dawn. Whether this is how he always was or whether he enhanced his physical stature with magic is unclear.


Nirnasha, Mōbōr's disguise, was a great grey lyon with actual red fires for eyes and a long, untamed mane that extended well past his forelegs and dragged on the ground when he walked, also a shade of grey. Physically, he was what we would know as a lion of today; namely his paws which are not as dexterous. Nirnasha has the skeleton of another animal embedded in his body, along his back, shoulders, and flanks, which he wears as a sort of armor. He claims this skeleton is his "father", Mōbōr.


Mōbōr is -- in every sense of the word -- a monster. He's greedy, faithless, and merciless, unsatisfied with being a simple Lord of Afriik, having more mates than perhaps any lyon since, as well as children, and stopping at nothing and for no one to take what he wants, not even his own mother. It isn't clear what exactly went wrong -- why his brother was one way and he was another -- but the utter lack of a soul and hatred festering in his being corrupted the natural well of magic passed to him by his mother is what gives birth to the some of the nastiest of magics -- the ColdFyre.

After being stuck in The Waste for untold centuries, however, Mōbōr isn't so violent or vengeful, however he does have a dark humor about him and still holds white lyons in contempt, somewhat. He is somewhat dishonest however, masquerading under the false name "Nirnasha" and claiming to be his own son. However, this ultimately allows him to get a hold of the ColdFyre, which he uses to finally kill himself and his brother for true.


Before "Forges of the Dawn"[]

Mōbōr was the eldest son of Jyotis, the first Hero of Afriik, and his mate Lang'at, the most powerful witch at the time; as such was expected to succeed his father as Lord. When he first started to grow his mane, he and his brother discovered they had inherited magical abilities from their mother, Lang'at. Mōbōr used his magics to mutate other Lyons, strengthening them so that they could set out and conquer the other continents of the world. He killed all that stood in his way and even began to wipe out all who had the same abilities that he had.

Mōbōr sired many children, but his daughter Araawa was his favorite on account of her bloody-red fur, unique among his throngs of offspring. Even so, he experiments a bit on her with his magic, trying to "improve" her, turning her into a monstrous beast like he does many sons and daughters of his. Mōbōr entrusts her and a few other children with Fyre Stones, and his proves to be his downfall as Araawa takes the magic and hands it over to her uncle.

Tšatši used it as an opportunity to create his Fyre, SunFyre, which he used to create the Waste. However, like the sun, it killed as much as it gave life and thus Mōbōr was  forced to become the leader of the Guardians of the Waste.

According to E.M Kinsey, the brothers never had any one place to grow up, due to the wandering nature of their parents.[1]

In "Forges of the Dawn"[]

Mōbōr masquerades in The Waste as a massive grey lion called "Nirnasha", leader of the Guardians, claiming to be his own son. He gives a bit of background and history as to why the waste is the way it is, as well as to the nature of magic itself, shaking his head at how history has been altered and distorted over time. Despite being in the same body, Mōbōr has had plenty of time to change some aspects of himself, and though he lies about who he is to Uhuru he does prove himself loyal to her.

When Tarute dies, he gives her a clue of how to save him, before he and the rest of the guardians truly die, the SunFyre's hold over the waste is broken, and his flesh and bones simply turn to ash, blowing away in the wind.

Other Relations[]

  • The Pale Ones are descendents of his, when Mjane crosses her blood with their line.
  • The Red Queens are another group of magical descendants, the latest of their line being Uhuru.
  • The Endian Royals are also descendants of his.