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Sun Empire Comingsoon.jpg
Residence Unspecified Location in Afriik
Composition Lyons
Current Leader


Past Leaders
Founder(s) Unknown

Unnamed Empress & Three Unnamed Consorts
Empress Almaz & Prince Consort Oku
Emperor Xinavane & Empress Moswen

  • Moswen as Highest Power of the Land

Emperor Usodai &Empress Ayana
Emperor Jakada & Empress Mounir
Emperor Akoth & Empress Linje

Heir Unknown/None

The Sun Empire is composed of four kingdoms -- Wild Shores, Snow Falls, and Green Ridges -- , three of which were dominated by the land the Empress or Emperor rule directly, Golden Plains.


General Appearance[]

These Lyons mostly boast pelts of rich gold, and tail tufts of blonde, though outliers such as Namua or Akida are present. Orange is the dominant eye color amongst them, although blue has been seen in Yai and Usodai, purple has been see in Zarina, and green has been seen in Limau.


The Sun Empire religion has no name as of yet, though it is known that they worship a Sun God. Their pantheon has several other gods as well and priests devoted to each of them.


The following belong to the Sun Empire's High Council, a body of rulers who have some ability to countermand the Emperor/Empress on behalf of the people. They are supposed to look out for both interests of the Empire as a whole, and the places they are elected from, but the panel has become so corrupted that mostly they serve themselves now, making a muddled mess of politics in the capital. They are all around during the time Xinavane is Emperor, and partly into Usodai's rule.


Land Holdings[]

  • Wild Shores, conquered by the main body, ruled by a Sun Empire governor.
  • Green Ridges, conquered by the main body, ruled by a Sun Empire governor.
  • Snow Falls, newly conquered by the main body, ruled by the original ruling family in return for loyalty to the main body.


Itidal's Failed Coup[]

After years of playing "good boy" and acting loyal to the imperial family, the generations old descendants of the governor set to rule Green Ridges, Itidal, has a go at the throne. He gets close to taking it, causing massive damage and racking up a considerable body count before imperial guard Sarkin takes him down. At Empress Almaz's command, Itidal is executed and his titles and land are awarded to Sarkin.

Xinavane and Moswen Marry/Moswen's Reign[]

Fearing the loyalist of wild shores and finally seeing a way to eliminate the original ruling line of that place by adding it to their own, Xinavane and Moswen are set to marry. Despite having a rocky start, the two do grow to love each other, even if it isn't publicly on display. Shortly after the marriage, the young and strong Xinivane is stricken with an illness that leaves him horribly bedridden. Unable to rule, he defers his power to Moswen, much to the disapproval of the council. She adds two seats on their panel so the voices of the conquered lands can have a say in their future, something the native councilors hate. The conflicts and flaming rows the Empress and Council have with each other eventually reach a culmination when, as her two sons ease just over the threshold into adult, she is found dead, assassinated.

Moswen's Assassination[]

Moswen is found dead and a Raboon called Polaô is found to be the culprit. However, before the names of the people who hired him can be extracted, he is soon killed as well to make sure all is silent. While their father grieves, the brothers search for their mothers killers, Usodai proving to be much more ruthless in his search. When Risku decides to close the case, unwilling to punish without cold hard facts and undeniable proof, Usodai sees him as a obstacle in his search for revenge.

Usodai's Rise[]

When Risku falls deeply ill and doesn't look to recover anytime soon, Usodai takes his place as heir apparent and the responsibilities that comes with it. This means his marriage to Zarina will never be, however it also means he can reopen the case and mercilessly pursue Moswens killers, which he does. Many lyons get caught up and the torrent of death and chaos Usodai stirs as he searches for revenge. At one point, there is an assassination attempt on him as well, by the raboon Tanyolla. It fails however and she is captured.

Deaths of the Councilors[]

Certain they are responsible for the death of his mother, Usodai goes after almost every councilor at some point.

Green Ridges Conflict[]

Emperor Usodai, having gotten two children out of his wife, Ayana, decides to reward the lyons of Green Ridges for their loyalty to him by having one of the Baron's daughters marry his son and become Empress of the land through him. Jakada and Kai, however, never click with each other and the lyonesse seemingly takes her own life after moving in with her new family. Jakada quickly marries Mounir shortly after she does this, which rouses suspicion and sows discontent among the Green Ridgers, particularly the lyonesse Akoko who accuses Jakada and his family of murder. Her parents are executed for her mouthiness, Ayana able get her mate to spare the girl herself by pleading, but Akoko doesn't back down and has her heart and soul set on revenge and independence.