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This site is dedicated to the leonine fantasy world created by author E. M. Kinsey, giving information on characters, places, and the various books that have or will be be published. That being said, spoilers are to be expected!
The Iron Lyons series is set on an alternate Earth, where lions and other large predator species evolved rather than humans. They utilize magic and metals in an new, but advancing world, with some places being more hi-tech than others and some vying to be the best while others, caught in the crossfire, just want a peaceful existence.

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Araawa was one of a myriad of children spawned by the Black Emperor, Mōbōr. She is the first Red Queens and an integral figure in her father's eventual downfall. Entrusted with Fyre Stones from Mōbōr, who favored her so, she took her gift and turned on him, handing them over to her uncle, Lord Tšatši. Using them, he creates the weapon that would bring a terrible end the war between the brothers: the SunFyre.

The Forges of Dawn

The traditional place for a Lyonesse, as huntress and mother, holds no appeal for young Uhuru. Her greatest wish is to be a great warrior like her father and stand as protector to her pride. Society would deny her this, but fate will not.


Fueled by a lust for perfection and purity, The Pale Ones have conquered most of the known world. Those who do not fit their impossible ideal for Lyondom are slowly being eradicated -- and those who desert their cause are hunted down just the same.


When her pride is attacked and taken by the Pale Ones, Uhuru must take up the mantle she has always coveted, and in so doing, learn its true cost. What starts as a journey to save her family quickly becomes a mission to end her enemies' reign of terror once and for all. From the shores of the only land she has ever known to the steps of faraway empires and back again, Uhuru will face pirates, monsters, and heart-breaking loss to finally learn the greatest lesson of all: heroes are never really born. Like any weapon…


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Book Series
The Forges of Dawn ZzzCoverFINALfinal.png The Forges of Dawn details the trip of a young lyonesse named Uhuru who's world is abruptly and violently ripped apart by a tyrannical group known as The Pale Ones. In a bid to get her family back, and take revenge on the ones who hurt her so, Uhuru goes through hell and high water defying tradition and walking the path prophecies several generations before her birth have frequently and fearfully warned about.
The Thousand Winters ThousandWinters.png In The Thousand Winters, after rising up to and conquering the evil in the first book, Uru must face an enemy she left overseas in Endia. But, with powerful magic at his claws and a thirst for revenge just as ravenous as her own had been, this new foe will not be easy to fell...
The Road to Ruin Trtr.png The Road To Ruin features three loosely intertwined stories which follow the golden lyon prince Iyapo and the Sun Empire, the Marozi lyon Himarta and his quest to unite their fractured people, and finally the Pale Lord Sabetook and the details of his reign.
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