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Vireka, styled Lord Vireka or High Holy Lord Vireka, is the main antagonist of Forges of Dawn, and becomes Uhuru's nemesis when he sends forces to tear apart her pride. Along with that, he and his Pale Ones terrorize the rest of Afriik, killing and erasing any "Mōbōr tainted" -- or dark-furred -- Lyons they find.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Vireka is a larger and muscular Lyon with snow white fur, all except for his bloody red right paw and the splotches of red fur which freckle his face and shoulders. His mane is white and shaggy, a fringe splitting off and hanging over his eyes -- which are golden -- and his face is angular and scruffy, ritualistic scars in its surface.

His armor is made up of bronze, and composed of a mask and body armor which protects his back, belly, and legs. He owned The Black Crown, but seldom donned it.


Vireka is incredibly vicious and sadistic, as well as highly arrogant and vain to the point of harm, both to others and himself. He is very temperamental at times, but in other moments when rage is expected he is cold and chillingly emotionless. Cruel and covetous, Vireka enjoys tormenting others and inspiring fear.

He also has no sense of personal space, often cramming himself close to other lyons and forcibly moving them when and order would've done just fine. Vireka delights at things that most other people -- even fellow Pale Ones -- find horrid and disgusting, such as the hounds and the process of making them, even purring at it. He has a morbid sense of enjoyment and is incredibly domineering.


In The Lady of SnowEdit

Vireka and Kirai interact with their mother, Kudisan, the Lady of Snow.

In UnbrokenEdit

After his brother is thrown in the mines to work as a slave, Vireka doesn't say a word against it. He sports with a Marozi slave called Anagamia against her will and when she falls pregnant, throws her in the mines as well, the fate of the to-be child unknown. Kirai speaks with him, however, and while he isn't safe from Vireka's wrath, he cannot kill Anagamia or the cub within her as he has no other children to his name and the laws say anything sharing his 'holy blood' cannot be harmed. Angrily and begrudgingly, he grants them both sanctuary from death, even from himself.

In The Forges of DawnEdit

Vireka is first introduced in earlier chapters, punishing the Lyon Fuga for failing to capture Kamaria, a Pale One who escaped their stronghold long ago. He turns the beast tamer into a Hound for failing him, but not before smacking him across the face -- claws unsheathed -- a few times for good measure. In his place, he chooses Jezisa to take on the title of beast tamer, and tasks him with the same job. Unlike his predecessor though, Jezisa does indeed find Kamaria and her pride. Uhuru follows at a distance as her pride is herded away, eventually entering Pale One territory.

When Uhuru is captured, Vireka takes interest in her after Kanali speculates she is the prophesied Red Queen, come to destroy them all. Instead of feeling threatened, Vireka fantasizes about tormenting her and breeding sons off of her. He heaps some abuse on the Lyonesse when she is brought before him, shows her around the land, and eventually leaves her in the Hound pits, deliberately putting her in front of one Hound in particular: Tarute. Vireka doesn't anticipate her escaping though, and beats Jezisa for allowing her to get away. Taking up his own Hound, they give chase, but lose Uhuru and Tarute to The Tempest.

Months later, Vireka has accepted that Uhuru is likely dead, but the land's seers howl and cry that the Red Queen is still coming. Their words do not phase him however and using the vagueness of the prophecy he convinces himself that this Red Queen will be of his own bloodline. By now, the Lord knows Uhuru had a sister, Oni, who is also red and so goes after her, burning her out using the ColdFyre. He makes plans to marry her, but before anything can happen, Uhuru returns with an army of Guardians and Nirnasha at her back.

Terrified, Vireka flees for his Fyre, but is enraged to find the undead Lyon is not only the Black Emperor but has far better control of the ColdFyre than he does. Vireka finds his death at the paws of Uhuru after he kills Tarute, consumed in the fiery hurricane of the Red Queen's HeartFyre.



  • Unlike most lords, Vireka has had a total of 4 head captains. One of them he killed with Fyre Stones, leaving Kanali to become his new "favorite".
  • Vireka is Hotio and Koto's cousin and Uru's first cousin, once-removed.
The Lord of the Pale Ones